Anita Wagenvoord Assoc. Inc. "There is a particular kind of alchemy that happens between Dorothy Salvatori, her camera and her subjects. Formerly shy photophobes relax and allow the essence of their personalities to show through, Ordinary vegetables begin to glow with health and deliciousness. One can almost feel the friendship and love between the participents in her photographs of a special event. Her children's portraits are magical. Simply breathtaking."

Elaine Ambrose Award-winning author of eight books, including Menopause Sucks and Midlife Cabernet, and a syndicated blogger - See more at:
"Dorothy Dosa Salvatori is an excellent photographer. She captured the perfect image of me at a recent conference. I use the images on my promotional and marketing materials. She is the best!"

Hi Everyone, I recently had Dorothy (Dosa) Salvatori do a photo shoot and a video shoot in New Jersey/New York State. Her high end work coupled with her out of the box creativity created amazing results. She puts on her creative think which translates into a seamless day of shooting. I urge anyone who is in search of quality and creative photographic/video work to seek her out. Thanks Dosa , Dorothy Salvatori! Medium AmLight and Love, Medium Armand 

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"Dorothy Salvatori has proven herself to be one of the top photographers in the profession. She brilliantly captures each and every spontaneous moment, with a marvelous eye for detail. I highly recommend Dorothy Salvatori Photography." Jane Karuschkat, New York

“Starting from the heart, Dorothy’s images through her lens not only capture people’s spirit but the moments in between mostly unseen.  She not only embraces each person with her generous soul, she goes the extra mile to make all who surround her a part of her art”

Performer & Soprano​


"Thank you Dorothy Salvatori, for your amazing photography." 
Laura McClanahan


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"Dorothy Salvatori has the unique gift of being able to capture the essence of a moment & the true nature of her subjects, forever immortalizing them" - Deborah Felton (of Raw Food Wild Riot)​

Boudoir & Fine Art Nudes

"Awesome! I got my Boudoir pictures back from Dorothy DOSA smile emoticonlooks great!" Candy Allen

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Laurie Jean McEntire YocumYou are GORGEOUS! Love the photo! Susan Shackleton Omg wow!! You look amazingly gorgeous girl! Jimmy Jimmy more than beautifull Stephen Angus "Candy, wow!"
LaRay Cobb Rich Beautiful pic Blazey Callaway You are like wine  David R. Goode BEAUTIFUL Tena Washington-Ownby Very beautiful smile emoticon
Catherine Mummert HardyOmg girl beautiful Sandra Payne You look absolutely AMAZING ... why are you not a model ?? Lisa Beth Fillers You have very striking eyes. Laura Augat Meade Beautiful. Risqué
Jane Karuschkat Wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cindy Curson Jones Candy, you are absolutely breath taking beautiful ~ Laura Pugwash Knight Harris you look so pretty and your teeth look so perfect when you smile Debbie Cornell You look so happy in this photo and the pictures of you a stunning. :-)♡ xoxo.


"I was in Los Angeles last weekend and met this super fabulous photographer, Dorothy (who is also a terrific and now, award winning, Raw Food Chef)!!." Cherry Capri, Hawaii 

"I had the wonderful opportunity to travel with Eco-Raw Educator and Chef, Dosa, to the Raw Living Expo 2014 in California, and was so excited to see her presented the Best of Raw Eco-Raw Educator of the year . Dosa is an excellent raw food chef and educator on ecological and sustainable living. As a photographer, I was impressed with how she captures the very beauty of the moment. That’s why the cover of my new book, Raw Vegan Recipe Fun for Families, was shot with all its delight and happiness by the top eco-raw photographer, Dosa. "  
Karen Ranzi

"RawChef Dosa is the real deal. The food she prepares is divine, so tasty and good for you! I also think her photography is amazing. She puts her heart and soul into her work; which makes her a true artist. She is a delight to be around, she engages easily, making sure the client gets what they envision. I highly recommend Dosa." Sherry Lawson RN, MSW

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ellisima!!!" Gina Mroczkowski   

"Love Love Love!"  Smadar English, New Jersey

"Damn! Dorothy! You rock!" Anita Wagenvoord, Bucks County, PA

"Awesome shoot Dorothy, thanks! We can't wait to see more pictures of Christina, you got some great shots!!" Jane Nemcek Incardona 

"Our daughter had the opportunity today for an impromptu photo session today with  Dorothy Salvatori who did a fantastic job." Colleen Botzan Monk 


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 "Yours is an
 Nouveau Raw style ... beautiful."   Neida Vazquez


"....Heavenly"  Lisa Gordon , AU

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"That gets a "cute" award." Roland Eggers

 "Aaw! Precious!" Maureen Del Gaudio

"Omg that is the cutest picture ever!" Airka Lynn 

"Amazing Amazing photo, Dorothy Salvatori." Armand Egidi 

"This is one of the cutest pictures ever!!" Jim Pellecchia


"Dorothy, you have amazing talent!" Ann Wong